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Office movers Calgary

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Write a card welcoming them to their new home, leave a bottle of wine, and also leave a folder with any paperwork for the house inside such as warranties, guarantees, plans etc.). If you happen to have older kids or teenagers you can get them involved using the same techniques or maybe a simple promise of a night out on…

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Best movers in Calgary

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So you found a new place! It’s all wonderful and exciting until you start to think about how much crap you have. Pack the items you will need FIRST in a clear plastic bin. This includes things like a box cutter, paper towels, trash bags, eating utensils, select cookware, power strips, phone chargers, toilet paper, tools, etc. The clear bin…

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9 tips and tricks for moving house without damage

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Leave a note in your old house to say you have set up mail forwarding, but give your new address and contact details just in case anything should be sent to the old house in error that way you are covered from all angles. Getting your kids involved as much as possible. For the younger ones make a game out…

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