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Sardinia … an amazing location to visit.. Don’t be surprised if the language you hear around you in this lively seaside city sounds a bit different – almost like Spanish. It is, and you may still find some signs and labels in Spanish, too. A 14th-century Pope gave Sardinia to the King of Aragon, hoping to wrest the island from control of Pisa and Genoa. He gave fiefdoms to about 400 families from Aragon and Catalonia if they would settle the island with a base in Alghero, displacing the local population. Mass in the church of San Francesco is still said in Catalan, and you should visit it to see the graceful 13th-century cloister, reached through the sacristy to the left of the altar. The 14th-century cathedral has a Spanish Gothic doorway. As afternoon fades into evening, climb the walls built by the Spanish to protect against attack by sea, and join locals for an evening promenade along their wide bastions to watch the sunset over the Mediterranean.

Cagliari, Overlooking the city is the ancient area of Castello, a fortified medieval hilltop neighborhood situated uphill from the rest of the city. Also really important are the historical neighborhoods of Stampace (area of bourgeois and merchant), the Marina (area of fishermen and sailors) and Villanova (area of shepherds and farmers). The Bastion of Saint Remy is one of the symbols of the city, situated in the area of Castello, from its terrace you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and the underlying charming marina. Among the attractions: the Cathedral of Cagliari of the XIII century, the National Archaeological Museum which exhibits artefacts from the Nuragic Age to the Byzantine era, Roman ceramics and also you can’t miss The Basilica of Our Lady of Bonaria. Among the archaeological sites worthy of note are the Roman Amphitheater and finally the Poetto, the beach of the city that stretches for about 8 kilometers, starting from the panoramic promontory of La Sella del Diavolo. More details on Wellness and spa Italy.

There are more than a dozen giant’s tombs scattered all over the island of Sardinia. They are massive and ancient Nuragic structures surrounded by mystery. A particularly well-preserved example is known as Sa domu ‘e s’Orcu in dialect, which means ‘the ogre’s house’, and is located near Cagliari. These magnificent stalactite and stalagmite formations are named after the Roman god of the sea, Neptune. To visit this grotto you can either walk single file down a long set of steps that begin at the top of the cliff, or take a short boat ride from the port of Alghero.

East of Sardinia, is the favorite holiday destination of some of the wealthiest people in the world. Ever since Prince Aga Khan visited this region in the 60’s, many celebrities have chosen the Sardinian Emerald Coast to spend their vacation. This makes finding an affordable hotel during the summer months relatively difficult, but the side effect is that there’s a lot to see when you’re strolling along the shoreline. In July and August, many millions of Euros float in the harbor of Porto Cervo, which is the place to be for luxury yacht spotters during the summer. At Porto Cervo Yacht Club, spotting multi-million dollar yachts, such as the Maltese Falcon, is not very difficult.