Cruise parking Port Canaveral advices

There is an access fee for vehicles entering the port. If you choose off-site parking, the $5 fee is usually added to your total parking fee. Cruise parking charges are always calculated per day or part day. If you are taking a 7-day cruise from Saturday to Saturday, for example, you will pay for 8 days parking to cover the part days of your arrival and departure.

As your ship heads out to sea, on your left you’ll see the launch facilities at Kennedy Space Center. The large building in the distance with the American flag is the Vehicle Assembly Building. It’s the tallest building in the United States outside of an urban area and it’s where rockets and the Space Shuttle are readied for flight from nearby launch pads. It’s a neat piece of history that you can get a great view of from the cruise ship. Extra info on Port Canaveral cruise parking.

Flying is stressful for solo travelers or couples, but with a family it’s no way to start a vacation. Skip security, dodge the baggage fees and drive. When you drive you can make it fun for everyone (who doesn’t love a road trip, right?), you can find food options that meet your needs and budget, and you’ll never have to worry about a missed connection or lost bag. When you fly into your cruise, all you experience of your cruise departure city is this: the airport, a shuttle, the ship’s terminal. But when you drive, you’ve just added an extra port to your itinerary. Spend a little time in port before or after you go. With a little planning you might find that a day or two in Disney or at Universal is perfect if you’re sailing from Port Canaveral; or go for a tour of Southern food and drink in Charleston, South Carolina; or plan a museum-filled weekend in New York. You get the picture.

If you are traveling on the Disney Cruise Line, you’ll have some specific transportation options offered to you. These are available at an additional fee, but I find them to be so convenient. We always take the shuttle. There are two options – one leaving Orlando International Airport, and one leaving from the Walt Disney World resort hotels. You’ll want to add these on your trip itinerary when you book, or later through DCL or the travel agent you booked with. There are other options as well, including shuttles, private cars, Uber/Lyft, and cabs. Port Canaveral parking is also available. It’s currently $17 per day, and you’ll park near the your specific cruise terminal. If you are hoping to get a rental car so you can continue to explore the area after your cruise, there are several options available. As always, I recommend booking in advance to make sure there is a car available when you need it.

Park N Cruise opened its gates in April 2011. To begin, we had 350 available parking spaces on about 3 acres of Merritt Island. We began operating with the idea that we wanted to bring excellent customer service, a sense of comfort, and an outstanding product to people looking for Port Canaveral cruise parking. And we wanted to provide it all at a great value. Seven years later, these principles still hold true. The Park N Cruise family thanks everyone who has parked with us, and we’re looking forward to seeing all the cruisers that we have yet to meet!