Free comment plugin for WordPress and non CMS websites

JointComments is a Disqus alternative, a free comment software for WordPress and non CMS websites. Adding a comment system to your website has a lot benefits, and we will discuss about them in this post.

Blogging is often a one-way street. You talk a lot about a topic, but without the comments, it’s like shouting into an empty room. If you want to give your site a little life, add comments. Turn a static article into a real conversation. It’s not all glitter and gold, though. There are a few occasions when comments can backfire. Here are some of the top ones. When having comments doesn’t really help: Do comments work 100% of the time for every blog? Not necessarily. Several high profile bloggers don’t have comment sections and still survive. Seth Godin doesn’t allow comments on his blog. Never has and never will. Zen Habits is another popular blog without a comment section. So there’s no clear consensus that blog comments are always helpful. In some cases, it may be more of an effort than it’s worth.

The Argument Against Blog Comments: In Everett’s argument, he states that, To say a blog is not a blog when it doesn’t have comments can’t be true, because my blog works just fine without comments. My ideas are definitely not perfect, but at a certain point I had to make a decision about where my focus would lie. Did I want hordes of Internet randoms deciding where my ideas needed to go, or did I want to proactively choose the opinions that would influence my ideas?” He goes on to say that rather than spending endless amounts of time sifting through low-quality comments on his blog, he now has time to build meaningful relationships with individuals on social media.

JointComments comments & what you will learn by the end of this post: JointComments offers a commenting service outside of its own website. Let me clarify what this post is going to be about. I will not be teaching you how to integrate JointComments comments. (To do that ShoutMeLoud already has a fantastic guide for BlogSpot and for WordPress you can use this easy plug and play plugin. What I will be talking about is why you should be using JointComments commenting system on your blog. And how you can design the comments and curate them to get maximum out of it. There are a few main reasons why JointComments comments are better than other systems like Disqus. Firstly you should know what are the main strong points and then you should optimize your site for it.

JOINT Token Rewards: JOINT is a tradable cryptocurrency which works on Ethereum blockchain. JOINT also the fuel of Joint Comments platform. Acquire traffic from other publishers. Reward your team members & writers. Hold it to get future profit from Joint Comments. Platform Features: Manage multiple websites in one dashboard, Embed anywhere (websites, static pages, ecommerce), Invite your team members as moderators, Define upvote & comment limits, Customize the widget colors and widget position, See stats of your community. Discover extra details on Comment software for WordPress.