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The growth of a photographer and graphic designer : Mohamed Abdelhay

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Mohamed Abdelhay or the climb of a digital artist. We will talk how taking pictures with your mobile phone can be the foundation for quality graphic design work. We asked Mohamed Abdelhay a few questions on his Instagram account @Mohamedabdelhay96. Mohamed Abdelhay emphasized that the photo has a strong role, importance and impact, as it is said to do without…

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Top 10 photographers near me using PhotoBooker

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Photographers near me using PhotoBooker by Zenfolio: searching to find a photo professional for your event, either a sports event or a birthday party ? But first let me give you one tip about how to get fabulous event photos. Take Portrait Shots (Even at Parties). I sometimes take portraits of people I find interesting at parties. Anyone who looks…

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Wildlife art by VLG Studios

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Let’s talk about the best places where a wildlife artist can get the maximum inspiration. Jim Corbett National Park, India: Jim Corbett National Park is definitely not a new place for you. Famous for its endangered Bengal Tiger this national park has gained a lot of reputation around the world. Animal lovers and Photography buffs visit this park every year…

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Maternity professional photographer Toronto

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Sports events professional photographer in Toronto gives a few recommendations to get the perfect photos from a very important event in your life. If you’re conscious about privacy, you can definitely request that your photographer keep your photos to him- or herself. On the other hand, if you definitely want your images submitted, tell your photographer in advance! Also, check…

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