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Many people are competing for the same job. If you need a job you must be noticed by the recruiter, in a sea of resumes. That’s why you need a certified resume writer. Here are some advices for a more professional resume for people who want to self educate about the basics. Adding numbers to your resume shows employers in black-and-white fashion what you have accomplished at work. Not all of your achievements are quantifiable, but adding those that are can serve as powerful negotiation tools when the topic of salary arises.

Use “power” words. Demonstrate that you are a person of action. Rather than being “responsible for,” something, use words like “advised,” “led,” “launched,” “executed,” “generated,” “planned,” “produced,” etc. These words (and others like them) demonstrate your ability to perform on the job and your specific role in previous jobs. Strong action words validate your capabilities and specific duties you have performed. Consider which is better: Responsible for launch of a new product or Initiated and led new product-launch that resulted in $20 million in revenue. Don’t forget that your resume is your document, and it represents you, who you are and what you can do when you can’t be there in person to explain all of that to a recruiter or hiring manager. Your resume is just one of hundreds that fly into any given company on any given day. You need to stand out from the crowd, and it is your responsibility to make your resume stand out.

Keep it positive. Reason for leaving a job, setbacks, failed initiatives, etc. do not have a place on a resume. Employers are seeking people who can contribute, have a positive attitude, are enthusiastic, and have successfully performed similar job skills in the past. Concentrate on communicating these issues and avoid any detracting information.

The job market is over-saturated and highly competitive. With 250+ candidates applying for the same job and 94% of recruiters sourcing candidates on LinkedIn, you must stand out and get noticed faster in the digital age. That’s why turning to a Certified Professional Resume Writer is the best decision for your career. It can mean the difference between getting an average job versus getting the job you want, and deserve! Qualified (highly certified) resume writers are trained to see things in a resume that laypersons do not see. Read more info at

We provide custom tailored resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and other career search documents written by Certified Professional Resume Writers that set you apart from the rest. ?All of our writers hold CPRW, CARW and other internationally-recognized certifications.

Can I use my resume to apply for several different jobs or will I need a separate resume for each job posting? Employers hire people for specific jobs. Each job comes with its own duties and responsibilities. An employer needs to know that you are qualified to do the specific job properly. Some jobs need people who are generalists, such as General Laborer or Handyman, however, most jobs are best suited to workers who are specially trained and have the necessary credentials in that line of work. Some jobs are similar enough that you can use the same resume with slight modifications. For example, you can use an Administrative Assistant resume to apply for jobs such as Project Coordinator, Office Manager, Executive Assistant or Receptionist, however if you are an Admin that has dabbled in accounting and want to go into more of a full-time accounting role, you will likely want to get a second resume just focused on accounting. If you are interested in two unrelated fields such as sales and technical support, you will need to have a resume geared towards each role. You could likely use a sales resume to apply for a marketing or business development job with minor changes because these roles are similar and have many transferable qualifications.