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CP7 gas checks companies UK

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The safety check record will contain details of any defect identified and remedial action taken. You must ensure that any safety defect is rectified (by a Gas Safe registered engineer) before the equipment is used again. It is recommended that you keep copies of work done to rectify defects identified by the safety check. It is an offence to use,…

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Car rentals Memphis airport Tennessee guide

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Looking for car hire at Memphis airport in Tennessee? Here are the top tips to get the highest quality car rental for the best cost. You may be charged for a full extra day if you’re as little as an hour late at drop-off. Some companies also charge you extra for dropping your car off too early. Your weekly-rate discount…

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Personalized snowglobes wife themed

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The way Erwin Perzy’s family tells it, if Thomas Edison had designed a better light bulb, Perzy would never have invented the snow globe. Back in 1900, Erwin Perzy I was working in Vienna as a fine instruments mechanic when a surgeon came to him with a problem. Although the surgeon had electric light bulbs installed in his operating theater,…

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